Instudio Lite
The idea for building of INSTUDIO LITE VERSION was conceived by the necessity of radio software A CHEAP ONE, EASY FOR USAGE, INCLUDING ALL NECESSARY ATTRIBUTES FOR IT.

Here It Is Instudio Lite!
The conception is not that we only could make such a software but along with you we could elaborate and improve it without complicating it. For project clients all new versions are FREE OF CHARGE. All questions about project's usage are FREE OF CHARGE. All this you could get only for PRICES, for a copy of INSTUDIO LITE VERSION. All beta testers that take part in the software tests will not pay anything until the tests end.

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What are the possibilities of INSTUDIO LITE?

INSTUDIO Lite scans automatically the music recorded in your computer and corrects the sound LEVEL of all songs, normalizing the level during play. Finds and cuts all silences (Auto Cue), liberate you from necessaries to edit them in advance. Identifies automatically the style of Fade In and Out, and makes the corrections of all In/Out playing levels. You can manually set all of these corrections in REAL TIME, just few seconds before its airplay. You have the possibility to import play lists from the selector or from the advertising, as well as to make and your own play list in INSTUDIO Lite. At your fingers, you have a Mini Selector, able to play a .panic. item if the requested song is not found or corrupted. Moreover, that is not all! Download and take a look! Have a fun!
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